Friday, September 11, 2009

Dixie's views on breath

Hi, it's me! Dixie!  My day has been very exciting because the guys were pouring the new sidewalk next door, and I had lots of people to bark at.  I was, however, insulted today and knew that you, my beloved readers, would sympathize with me.  I have been accused of having "stinky" dog breath.  Excuse me? And just now my mommy tried to brush my teeth with some goop that she kept telling me was "yummy".  Ha!  First of all, I know for a fact that my breath smells like a combination of goose poop and my feet.  That is a delightful smell, can anyone actually argue with that?!!  I work very hard to achieve just that exact smell! These people have got some nerve.  Personally I am grossed out by that minty stuff they like to put on their teeth.  Does anyone ask how I feel about it? You already know the answer, don't you?  Your diva-Dixie

1 comment:

  1. It is always a good day when you have workmen to bark at. Although you probably scared them all with your fierceness. I can't believe your Mommy tried brushing your teeth! What's up with that? Who doesn't love the smell of goose poop in the morning?