Monday, May 2, 2011

Dixie's views on the tie out stake

Hi! It's me, Dixie! I know that everyone likes to hear about my daily activity updates, but I fear that I must get right to the point today. The tie out stake...I've avoided this particular topic in the past because once I get started it just gets me too worked up. A diva should avoid getting worked up. I'm sure you are asking, "Dixie, what could have possibly happened to cause this change in policy regarding tie out stake commentary?"....well, get this. My humans tend to haphazardly move my tie out stake at unpredicatble times. Yes, it's annoying. Usually I am quite tolerant. Yes, I know my easygoing nature is impressive. This weekend, however, my tie out stake was moved to a location that makes it impossible for me to reach my good poop spot. I can get sooo close, it's like right there. I've tried every angle, but it is impossible to reach. How am I supposed to recreate a poop spot as special as that? And where is the motivation? They would probably just move the stake again! A diva needs an incentive to do things. Divas don't just make good poop spots willy nilly.  So I am sure that you, my intelligent followers, understand why I am unsure how to preceed.
 Oh yeah, and I keep getting twisted around this damn tree.  Your worked up diva-Dixie