Monday, November 16, 2009

Dixie's views on giant penguins

Hi!  It's me, Dixie!  Yes, I know that I look somewhat scared today, but you would not believe what is in my yard!  This gigantic bird with a hat landed in MY yard, and he hasn't moved.  Mommy calls him a holiday penguin, whatever that means.  I've tried barking, howling, growling...all of my scariest stuff.  This dude will not budge.  He's creeping me out, especially that hat.  What is up with that?  But don't worry, I am staying on the other side of the house until he leaves.  Your Diva in Hiding-Dixie  


  1. Dixie!
    Can I come join you in your safe place? My mom thinks lit "reindeer" that move their heads are cool...I think they are just as creepy as that holiday bird!
    Love, Chloe

  2. Hi Dixie,

    It's your Aunt Sarah here - Hint - Claws (not Clause).

    Have FUN!

  3. Auntie Sarah-My mom didn't like that suggestion. Now you are on her "list" out.
    Chloe-The reindeer has a moving head?? No. Way. Yes, I will make a space for me behind the house by the burning bush. Your Pal-Dixie