Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dixie's views on being 3

Hi! It's me, Dixie! I'm 3 today! Oh boy! I'm very excited to celebrate my special day, but those of you who saw my post a few weeks ago know that this also marks an end to the terrible twos. Whew! In my eagerness to begin this new phase of my life, I decided to research what  wonderful things are expected in my threes. I was happy to find that these are my years of exploration, and that I will be spending lots of time learning through observation. That sounds like me. But then, get this, according to the National Network for Childcare I should be able to draw a circle and hop on one foot. What the heck is that about?  What's the point of this? That mutt down the block, Duke, is way older than I am and I've never seen him draw a circle. However, I am nothing if not an open-minded diva, and if it is expected that I draw a circle in order to have successful threes, then draw a circle I will. So I am off to begin my quest for shape mastery. But first, to celebrate my birthday, I will chew on my blue monkey's ear for a bit. Your 3-year-old diva-Dixie


  1. Happy Birthday you lovely girl! I hope you get some wonderful goodies from your family!

  2. Dixie, it's a half hour into the day after your birthday so I'm late but I really think in general that I'm on time:) Make your own rules and be a rebel today--don't worry about them today..errr..yesterday..
    Your friend,