Monday, October 19, 2009

Dixie's views on dog intelligence

Hi! It's me, Dixie!  I'm busy doing my guard dog thing today. I've been fine-tuning my growl for the Halloween season, and I am pretty sure that I scared the grocery guy this morning.  Anyway, I thought I'd take a break to share my views on the findings of Dr. Stanley Coren, professor of psychology in Vancouver.  I find it somewhat unsettling that Lhasa Apsos are ranked as the 68th most intelligent dogs.  It was good to see that I at least came in above the Shih Tzu, but 68?!?  I will also mention that Poodles came in at number 2...ummm, hello?!  Have you ever seen a Poodle with blogging skills?  Are Poodles reading your website, Dr. Coren?  Nope, that's me, number 68!  I am aware that I am afraid of pumpkins, but this shouldn't count towards my intelligence.  Pumpkins are creepy, everyone knows that! And now I have to worry about those obnoxious Labs that I pass on my walk.  They're gonna' be talking smack with their number 7 rank.  It is some comfort to me that you, my loving followers, know the truth. Your undervalued diva-Dixie 


  1. OMG Dixie, Let's go protest that "Doctor"s list. There is no way he actually met any Lhaso Apso's EVER! OR any dachshunds because my ranking was awful, too! I mean-any dog know words like ball and ride...but does a poodle know phrases like "round spherical object" or "transport machine"? I DO because my humans (used to) like to try and talk about things they were going to do-and think I didn't understand. But I showed them.
    And just so you know, I think covers (car covers, grill cover) are creepy-I mean, WHY cover something--it is just like those humans and clothes-I just don't get it.
    -your partner in intelligence,

    PS Did u see the pic my Mom posted of my boots??

  2. Chloe,
    You make some excellent points, which is not surprising because I appreciate your intelligence. And yes, I love your boots! I'm reconsidering them as a fashion statement now.
    Your Pal-Dixie

  3. Dixie,
    We would never subordinate you due to some arbitrary list of rankings... OK so I'm a lab, and brother dog is a border collie - both fare pretty well on the list... but we have to ask - does Dr.Coren even speak Dog? We asked the cats, and they said that all Dogs are less intelligent than cats - what do they know? Either way, we love your blog and cannot believe that anyone would discount your contribution to the intellectual landscape of the web.

    love and admiration,
    Murdock and Ramsey