Friday, April 9, 2010

Dixie's views on bite imperfections

Hi! It's me, Dixie!  My neighbors are having a garage sale today so I have been very busy with my barking and growling, but I wanted to take a break from scaring bargain hunters to tell you about my morning. I went in to have a beauty treatment including a dental cleaning.  It's not fun for a diva, but I take pride in my smile so I went along with it.  Anyway, when mommy picked me up she made an indiscreet remark about my "shiny underbite".  Underbite? So of course I came home to google this term.  Guess what I found?  An underbite is considered to be a "bite imperfection".  Humans actually spend good money to have them fixed.  Marie Antoinette was reported to be ashamed of her underbite.  So how could this term be applied to me?  I continued my research and found that a very handsome boxer, Pabst, won a contest because of his trademark underbite.  This is good news, right?  But wait! Guess what the contest was called?  It was the 21st annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest.  Are you kidding me?  This dude is splendiferous!  I'll attach a picture as proof.  So once again I am amazed at the weirdness of  humans.  Your pal-Dixie


  1. Imperfections are like beauty marks. They add character to a dog/person/cat. Pabst is adorable. I can see why you like him. :-)

  2. A face only a mother could love! lol