Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dixie's views on power-napping

Hi!  It's me, Dixie!  I realize that at first glance it may seem like football-dog and I are being lazy and not performing our important diva duties.  But do not fear, beloved reader, I would never let you down!  Football-dog and I are taking a power nap.  You see, the National Institute of Mental Health has shown that power naps can boost my energy and creativity, as well as reverse information overload. Information overload! That can cause a diva some serious stress. Think about that!  I have increased barking demands now that the plow guys are coming around.  Don't even get me started on the snow blowers. Within minutes I will be more alert and have improved response time!
Now I'd like to give you a few important power-napping tips.  You may read that you should avoid caffeine (whatever that sounds like a made up word to me) in order to have the best power naps.  Don't listen to that hooey.  Here's what you half of an oreo and then crash on the couch with your football-dog.  It is best if your football-dog smells like dog spit.  It's also good to have him nearby in case you get hungry during your power nap and need to chew on his ear.  That, my loyal followers, is the secret to excellent power-napping.  Your Diva-Dixie


  1. Dixie,
    Thanks for the info on the Power Nap. I am set and ready to experiment. Can I use my bone instead because my mommy won't let me get a football dog...something to do with me eating the stuffing which apparently isn't good for my tummy. (whatever).
    Are you getting a lot of snow? I had to dig a trench yesterday just to do my business. I have to wear my boots outside, however, my parents cannot find a sweater that covers my entire tummy-dachshund length and all so I am going to powernap in front of the heating vent at times.
    Your friend,

    PS My Mommy started a blog.