Friday, July 8, 2011

Dixie's views on being proactive

Hi! It's me, Dixie! I know you are wondering where I have been. I have been enjoying a much needed sabbatical, resting from my customary duties and taking the time to acquire new diva skills. Mommy has been getting more magazines lately, and the style sections have been quite helpful. However, you really need to hear what has been going on this last week. Mommy is once again on a mission to refresh my haircut. I am still trying to recover from her cutting those sumptuous bangs several months ago. This time I decided to take a procative approach. At the first signs of her scheduling my salon time, I faked a medical emergency. Yes, I know it's hard core, but I have found that extreme measures are needed. So I choked. Don't worry, I had everything under complete control. Since much of my sabbatical time has been used to sharpen my acting skills, this was actually pretty easy to pull off. Mommy not only canceled my appointment due to my trauma, she also got me new soft treats and special chewy stuff. Score one for Dix. Of course I expected her to reschedule the appointment, which she did, and that was for this morning. Anyone notice that I still have my long glossy hair? Ha! I can not reveal my methods, but I managed to...ummmm....take care of my groomer. So he doesn't show up this morning (I would be doing an evil laugh here if dogs could laugh) and I'm back on my chair barking at the garbage truck. Score two for Dix. I assume that yet another reschedule is in the works, but I'm on a roll. I am sure that I will be reporting to you very soon with my tresses intact. Your crafty diva-Dixie

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