Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dixie's disturbing event

Okay, get this. I was doing my afternoon security check when I noticed this dude (pictured left) standing in front of my house. I know that he wasn't there last night because I secured the area after my late night walkie with mommy. Don't let the smile fool you. I can tell that this guy is up to no good. What's up with those arms? Innocent candy canes or deadly weapons? I think the latter. Anyway, I gave him a warning growl and he didn't even acknowledge me! He kept that stupid grin on his face and pretended not to recognize the threat that was clearly issued in his direction.
The humans around here don't seem to realize the imminent danger that they are in. But don't worry, dear followers, I am prepared to begin my stake out. Updates will follow. Your brave diva-Dixie


  1. Definitely up to no good! Look at the colors of the scarf that dude is wearing.....

  2. It's a conspiracy! There's a dude like this in front of my neighbor's house here in Loveland, OH too! I also saw a guy like this hanging around in front of the police station!