Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dixie's views on doggy bags

Hi! It's me, Dixie!  I'm a little nervous today because we have some scary rain, but to get my mind off of it I have been watching the local news.  It's important to stay well informed about the weather and current events when you are a diva.  However, I did see a disturbing piece this morning during the food segment.  I'm not sure how this report started because I was chewing my tail, but I heard the words "doggy bag" and perked up.  Have you ever heard of these things?  I love the concept!  The idea is that leftovers from a meal are taken home for the diner's dog.  What could be better?! But wait.....the person on the television said a very bad thing. Very bad. Sitting? You need to be. Ready? He said, "Of course, people don't actually waste such quality food on a dog." Did you get that? Yes, you read that correctly. People don't actually waste such quality food on a dog.  I am speechless. I mean, I don't actually produce speech, but you get my point.  I'm sorry if I have ruined your weekend.  Please do not fret, beloved reader, I can only assume that this individual was fired once the offensive comments were made.  Now I need a Pup-Peroni treat. Your  diva-Dixie

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  1. Dixie, that newscaster on the food channel is SO wrong. I tell ya, everytime my husband and I go to our favorite steakhouse, my girls get filet mignon that I save for them. We call em Coyote bags. :)

    Speaking of filet mignon, have you tried Cesar's new Canine Cuisine treats? They are called softies and they have filet mignon flavor and are in the shape of tiny paws. The bag is a perfect little purse with a handle too so your mom can carry them around everywhere you go.