Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dixie's views on holiday recognition

Hi!  It's me, Dixie!  I am feeling a little perplexed today.  I was thinking ahead to my plans for April.  I'm sure that you all know that it is Dog Appreciation Month, and you have probably been busy with your preparations as well.  So you may be asking, "Dixie, How could this upcoming celebration have you troubled with uncertainty?"  Well, here's what happened.  You may want to sit down.  While researching the history of dog appreciation I discovered that February 23rd was Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day.  It goes without saying that I have an exceptional mental capacity for retaining facts and events, but somehow I don't recall getting any special dog biscuits or unique buscuit related products on February 23rd.  How could that be?  Do you understand my confusion now?  So now I have turned my researching energy to methods of payback aimed at humans who ignore Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day.  I am open to suggestions.  Your puzzled diva-Dixie

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